The Story Storey story

… being the story of Jack Trevor Story and his near namesake David Storey.

Jack Trevor Story wasn’t one of the Angry Young Men of British fiction in the 1950s, being neither young enough nor angry enough. But maybe he got included by mistake from time to time? The question arises on re-reading I Sit in Hanger Lane where the hero — Horace Spurgeon Fenton — often gets literary invites for another, far more successful Mr Fenton, who wrote a best seller on football. It’s a neat plot point  — and leads to a quietly moving scene where Horace finds himself in the company of other writers (albeit under false pretences) and relishes it. But knowing Story’s predilection for dropping real life into his fiction it would make sense if the Fenton/Fenton mix-up mirrored a real-life Story/Storey confusion. It’s supported by the fact that Storey wrote This Sporting Life with a rugby player at the heart of it. (In a Story novel that constitutes heavy disguise.)

Any information on the subject gratefully received.




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