Lionel Davidson: the best spy novelist you might never have read

…. is how the Daily Telegraph kicked off its review of Kolymsky Heights which has recently been reissued by Faber. The Telegraph reviewer, Jake Kerridge speculates on why Davidson is almost forgotten today.

‘But despite his being a bestseller as well as a darling of the critics, he has faded from view. Perhaps he was simply too original: there is something in the view that the most popular thrillers offer surprises and shocks of an entirely predictable kind.’

His early novels, The Red Rose of Tibet and his crime novels are getting noticed too, but his children’s books still slip under the radar. Or rather Under Plum Lake does, the only children’s book he wrote under his own name. The charge ‘too original’ could also be levelled at Under Plum Lake. We thinks its rather special, but then we would as we publish it. Still with Philip Pullman writing the introduction to Heights it can only be a matter of time…


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