Ford Madox Ford Word

This weeks Ford Madox Word is ‘atrabilarian’. What does it mean and give an example of its use.

Ford is an example of an ‘expand your vocabulary ‘ course all on his own. How about ‘matutinal’. Or springald? Cachinnating? This is how Ford uses it in Parade’s End:  ” just the thing to send laughter raging like fire through a cachinnating army.” Fine. Where it gets tricky is when he uses words you do understand readily, but aren’t sure whether you would have made the effort. Like ‘beanfeastishness’. Not content with this strange beast, Ford further expands it (how?). We will try an unravel Ford’s predeliction for ever-compounding his words later. Ford’s answer to this question might be that is ‘un-unravellable’ (Parade’s End again).

Meanwhile, here is one more mainstream Ford Madox Word:’boskage’.

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