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Under Plum Lake


158 pages
ISBN-10: 0956368999
ISBN-13: 978-0956368997

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Under Plum Lake is a kid’s book that also wowed the adults that read it. Right from the opening lines the reader is drifted into a world suffused with poignant melancholy and a sense of loss.

Lionel Davidson (1922-2009) was much admired bu his fellow writers – Graham Greene, Rebecca West, Frederic Forsyth and Philip Pulman among them. He wrote eight adult novels, winning the Gold Dagger award for crime thrillers an unprecedented three times.He also wrote children’s books under the name of David Line. But the eerily evocative Under Plum Lake stands alone. A genuine one-off. Originally published in 1980 this is a new edition from Reinkarnation.