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I Sit in Hanger Lane


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Horace Spurgeon Fenton, struggling scriptwriter is Jack Trevor Story’s alter ego – over-committed financially and emotionally. In this darkly comic novel Story documents his hero collisions with the manic world of the Wardour Street film industry and his struggles to provide for his children, his wives and his lovers. First published in 1968 it is a New Grub Street for the ’60s. Jack Trevor Story (1917-1991) was a scriptwriter, novelist and columnist. His work included Hitchcock’s film The Trouble with Harry and the prophetic novel Live Now Pay Later, as well as two other Horace Spurgeon Fenton novels: Hitler Needs You and One Last Mad Embrace. He was married three times, divorced at least once and had eight children. And bankrupt twice.’One of the funniest writers we have’ said the Sunday Telegraph.