Tom Stoppard on Ford Madox Ford

If you missed the BBC’s latest adaptation (they did an earlier one with Judi Dench in the 1960s) of  Parade’s End  it is still easy to find. But read the book first. Rather than being a spoiler, it sets the …

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Ford Madox World: belle epoque and before

Amongst the many confusing things about Parade’s End – the steam of consciousness, the ambiguities, the time jumps – is that for the modern reader the action harks back to a bygone period just before the Great War, while for …

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Ford Madox Ford Word

This weeks Ford Madox Word is ‘atrabilarian’. What does it mean and give an example of its use.

Ford is an example of an ‘expand your vocabulary ‘ course all on his own. How about ‘matutinal’. Or springald? Cachinnating? This …

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The race to South Riding: Winifred Holtby or Ford Madox Ford?

Who got there first?

The fictional South Riding of Yorkshire is so associated with Winfred Holtby it is seen as her invention. Yet Ford Madox Ford cited the South Riding in Parade’s End, years before Holtby.

For Holtby the …
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Ford Madox Ford: a man and his words

In celebration of Reinkarnation’s new edition of Parade’s End — Ford Madox Ford’s controversial four-book trilogy (there are four novels but Graham Greene deleted the final novel in his collection of the work; Reinkarnation doesn’t, so you can judge for …

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The Story Storey story

… being the story of Jack Trevor Story and his near namesake David Storey.

Jack Trevor Story wasn’t one of the Angry Young Men of British fiction in the 1950s, being neither young enough nor angry enough. But maybe he …

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