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Gordon Williams

Gordon M. Williams was born in Paisley, he moved to London to work as a journalist. He has written for television and is the author of over twenty novels including From Scenes Like These, shortlisted for the first Booker Prize in 1969, Walk Don't Walk, Big Morning Blues and The Upper Pleasure Garden. Other novels include The Campand he Man Who Had Power Over Women .

He ghosted the autobiographies of association footballers Bobby Moore, Terry Venables and manager Tommy Docherty.

In 1971, his novel The Siege of Trencher's Farm was controversially filmed as Straw Dogs. in 1971, with a remake set in the USA in 2011.Other film work includes The Man Who Had Power Over Women, from his own novel, and Tree of Hands, as scriptwriter from a Ruth Rendell novel. Williams also wrote The Duellists, the book of Ridley Scott's film.

He co-wrote four novels with Terry Venables which later became the 1978 TV series Hazell under the shared pseudonym P. B. Yuill.

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