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Keith Waterhouse, Jeffrey Bernard and Soho

The collective memory of a Soho era is disappearing. But Keith Waterhouse – who died earlier this month – has left us one version in his play  ‘Jeffrey Bernard is unwell’, the story of the Spectator columnist frequently too …

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It is a truth universally acknowledged….

…that opening lines are important. I find my old copy of Big Morning Blues, by Gordon Williams.  It’s the book we are about to republish.  I haven’t read it for years. The details have long gone, leaving only a …

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Hitler, Art and Jack Trevor Story

There’s a line in Hitler Needs You (out next month)

Had one wealthy Austrian Jew bought one of the young and dedicated Hitler’s paintings, it might have saved ten million lives.

Also next month 3 of Hitler’s watercolours, painted in …

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Tech lit

Out in the wilds, 3 fisherman find a girl's body in their trout stream.
I don't think we should touch anything until we call somebody.   

Great idea. How we gonna do that? You got
a portable cellular phone or something?
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On the road

I saw Jack Kerouac in Tesco’s today.…

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